A tip of the hat to the big man.

Almost like Romeo and Juliet
Close, Shakespeare knew nothing of tragedy,
I guess this is why I am so fearful
'Cause in the end, they only end up dead.

And now I pray Shakespeare died alone,
And why not? Were you not my great balance?
Dare we be forced to compare to this *****
I think God to be far more poetic.

Oh my love! Oh my God, I am bitter
I am a winter storm in summer, though,
You were never my sun, but the horizon
An over-streched sky, lost now in the night.

So tell the critics to run and hide well,
Then have all of the Athiest repent.
Have the writters script their pages in blood,
And the poets waste all of their ink.

Once more, another perfect irony,
All applause back to God, I think I'll clap.

It's more poetry than song lyrics ha
It's refreshing to see someone on here who writes about something that actually has substance. Good job.
Pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the f***ing car.
I love pulp...
Someone told me there's a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair...

I will find this girl.