Hi this is my newest tune, it has kind of a classic rock sound (I think ). I got the name because I found that the main riff sounded like pinball wizard by the who.
Anyway, I hope you like it!

pinball Rock.zip
that was AMAZING
god do i love classic rock
you definatley have a 10/10 song there

my only complaint, is that your in power tab, you should get guitar pro and put some drums in

but 10/10 definatley, absolutely nothing wrong with it

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I like it.

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Thanks for the crit.
I loved the chord progression you have in the intro/chorus. The verses were great. I loved the bass during the breakdown, actually I loved everything in the breakdown. I really liked the solo, nice job here. And nice fade out, I really liked it.
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wow, nice riffs. Very classic indeed. Love those little fills in between some of those riffs. All fit together nicely. A bit repetitive, but I guess lyrics will change that if you have them. Bass fits in smoothly and still adds that low pounding sound even with those higher notes. Solo is really good, definitely rememberable. The classic fade out solo works out nicely too. Very nice job, I give it a 9/10.
That was great! I felt that it sounded a lot like a classic rock song without sounding like it was copying or plagiarizing anything. The solo was really catchy, too. I thought the bass did a nice job of complimenting the guitar, but you maybe could've done a bit more with it to make it stand out...maybe a fill or something.

Anyway, awesome job!

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I really liked the intro on the clean guitars, I thought that was well done. Obviously it was a classic rock vibe you were going for, and it certainly worked. The bass complimented the guitar well, and I liked the solo on fade out. The only complaint would be the lack of drums, that would've made it even better, but obviously it wasn't really an issue because you were using Power Tab.
Wow, that's an amazing piece. Totally reminiscence of classic rock, I love that. The breakdown and intro were probably my favorite parts, keep up the good music.
Good, Well Rounded, the Riff, was something i havent heard before, could job being original (Non-Sarcastic Comment) and i really like Dist. Guitar 2 around measure 108, 8.9 b/c of repititive riffs, and the lack of drums, but overall Good Job, i was thinking of messing around with it and make drums for it, if you dont mind!

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I agree with what's been said...
Very good song and definitely nailed the classic rock vibe. It doesn't sound like it's copied from anything either... The only thing that I could really think of is that the solo is a little cliche.

Good job though. =)
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i was thinking of messing around with it and make drums for it, if you don't mind!
That Would be Great!! cause I don't know anything about drums. Feel free to mess around with it, and don't forget to post your results if you want .
I see what you mean, the main riff does sound like Pinball Wizard. Sounds like you've spent a lot of time on this and the result is really good. The licks in it were a nice bit of decoration that made it sound much better. The ending was one of the highlights, very nice work.
Very late crit here, aha.

I really like this song, do you have lyrics?
You should definately record it.

It sounds great. Slightly repetetive without vocals, but you get that with Powertab/Guitar Pro.
The strumming pattern was cool and the lead guitar was excellent.
I really don't know how you can improve this song.
Maybe add another couple of verses or something?
Nothing huge, just a verse or something different for 8 or 16 bars maybe.

Great work!

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