One thing that's been bothering me a lot lately is that when I play songs that have a lot of the 2-finger barre chords (e.g. 335553 or 557775) my fingers get tired really quickly. Does anyone know of any exercises I could do to strengthen my fingers up when I play these?
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That's about it. Just practice or get a tennis ball or one of those expensive 'hand trainer' things that guitar stores peddal
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I struggle with that, but one thing I've realized is that when you're barring like that, a common mistake is to take your index finger and try to flatten down all 6 strings. You don't have to do that. If you have a little bit of an arch in your finger, the middle strings that your other finger(s) are touching don't have to be fretted with your index finger, and not doing this will relieve some tension.
i struggle with barring chords a lot and usually avoid them(which i know i shouldnt do). I have short, stubby sausage fingers, so it takes a LOT of effort to play them. i'll eventually develop the fingerstrength, and im not aiming to be an amazing guitar player(i play for fun), so i'll just take my time on it.
the best thing to do... is keep playing them. Play through the pain. Much like a weight lifting workout, just go as long as you possibly can, then rest and a do that process again like three more times. Then do it again the next day. It will get easier.
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