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Get it on.

My school let our teachers decide if we can listen to music in class.Most teachers let us as long as we stfu when we do.It works.
I hope you mean that you can listen to music while doing desk work. It would be anarchy to allow it any other time during class.
Day off for excessive rain. Didn't even count against us, we didn't have to make it up.
i have really curly hair, so i just snake the headphone around the back of my ear and down my back. i can listen to my death metal and the teachers never see anything.

Wait, what? where do you live to get an excessive rain day off!?!?
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Closed for summer.

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it was like -30 degrees celcius and -49 with the wind chill, so we got to miss school for three days.
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teach (sometimes)
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They let us listen to music ANYTIME during our day, except for lessons and stuff.
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Enrolled me.
On the last day of school last year, they held this massive carnival, and you could just walk around all day playing carnival games (or causing chaos and mass destruction). The cafeteria had fair food too.
We can also listen to music unless the teacher is actually teaching at the time.
Juniors and Seniors get their own room as we have about 4 free periods (4x 80mins) per week; during that time we can use the band room, leave school, use the gym, use the computers etc. Besides that a few more things... I like my school ^^

edit: oooh i forgot... two weeks ago our principle decided to close the school for a whole week because of too much snow and it was "dangerous" for us to come to school. It was cool but as senior I had to work anyways -.-
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Our school allowed us to build a snow "man" in front of the school for the school newsletter...

So we built an 8' snowcock with branches for pubes (There were berries on the branches...we wrote them off as crabs)

Somehow, it made it to print, but was promptly taken off of the shelves and the student body was asked to return the paper.

I still have mine in a box somewhere
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One time my school let us get out early for snow, but it still counted against us
My school fucking sucks.
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I like how our classes are set up. We go on an a/b day schedule. So i have 4 classes on 1 day (a day) and then the next day i have the next 4 classes (bday). Then it just keeps alternating throughtout the year like that. Its awesome cause then i dont have to do homework right when its assigned, i get a whole other day to do it.
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Our governer once canceled school statewide due to gas prices.

haha for like 3 days to right, i remember that.
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We got to beat the **** out of an old car that had our school rival painted all over it with a sledgehammer.
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installed teather ball things :/
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
i wasnt allowed to walk home cause it was snowing and they called our parents to pick us up even though i lives about 2mins away from school.And i was stuck in the classroom for about 3hours not allowed to go out side.=( thank god i dont go to primary school anymore
well we had an ice storm and the whole town was out of power for 3-5 days.

we missed school for a week, and that semesters exams were Canceled, we had no finals,
having no power, getting bored as hell, and freezing my ass off for a week
for no finals
totally worth it
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busted sneaking a goon sack and a bottle of Jim Beam to our swimming day. Punishment? clean the yard
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was on MTV??? does that count. otherwise we dont do much. or does the fact that our school was 32 million dollars count as cool?
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In primary school, (5+ years ago) if it was too hot, the principal would get the hose onto us during lunchtime.

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There's no toilet in the kitchen.

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This thread was made back when i had my old 06 account.


Our school organized a "Red, White, and Blue Out" for the football game right after the 9/11 attacks. A bunch of money was raised and donated to NYFD charities.
Giving us, the students, almost all responsibility. YOU have to choose your subjects, YOU have to call in sick (and take responsibility for not ****ing up your homework) etc.

I like it 'cuz the school I went to yr 1-9 was too easy-going on everyone, kids grew up as assholes over there (and then they got put in "lol-you-fail-and-can-not-get-a-proper-education-****-u"-class over here)
Nothing. Seriously, my school sucks. It gives a good education, but they are total hardasses and never allow anyone to break any rules whatsoever.
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how did you know?

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Women don't sh*t.
There's no toilet in the kitchen.

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This thread was made back when i had my old 06 account.

Once my school cancelled the last few days of the term because of floods
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strike. though not good for my education.
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Well we can leave 2 hours early on Wednesdays while all the junior kids go to sport, I can come almost 3 hours late on Mondays, and we usually have at least one period a day to just fuck around. That's cool I guess.

EDIT: And they haven't kicked me out.
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they do a lot of soccer tournaments, so they play in the morning
so no classes
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The coolest thing my school has ever done is not try to be cool. I hate when schools have lame ass things that they do to try and look cool and "hip" (sorry I love using that word). I just want them to teach me crap so I can ignore them and go home.
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They got a shitload of brand new marshall amps and a huge soundsystem

Now why can't my school do that?

...wait they were probably MGs. nevermind.
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