advantage: is its most likely cheaper

disadvantages: if its tube you may never know how long it will be before the tubes go out on you

probably has dents and dings on it

might be used so much where the sound is fading out and about to break

the last owner could have done nasty things to it before you buy it from them
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Advantages of a new amp: Maybe a warranty. Possibly better looking.

Advantages of a used amp: The big one is you'll save a LOT of money. The amps are just as good, but you pay much, much less in many situations.

In the end, i think it's almost always smarter to go used.
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The good..

Its a virgin, untouched and untainted by the hands of some guy that used to gig in smokey beer disease infested bars around the globe.. So no beer making the knobs sticky, no weird smell you cant place and now gash's from it being dropped out of a truck doing 60 dont the road.

Full Warranty and the option to exchange in 30 days if you don't like it. Plus additional warranty's can be added to insure the money you put into it.

The joy of opening the box and the smell of new foam and plastic is a euphoric high of joy and happiness.

The Bad...

Its expensive... And not many good purchase stories come with it.. Like dude this amp was once thrown off stage at a slayer concert and actually killed someone.. SWEET!


The Good..

Its a whole lot cheaper.

You get good stories behind it.

It looks vintage even if its like a month old lol

The bad..

See new the good section and...

Stuff might be jacked up on it or you might have been lied too or taken for a sucker and that marshall was just glued on and its actually a Behringer...
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read the question above.

yah go used.

just make sure you ask the right questions like.

does it work?
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used also may be modded
a disadvantage or an advanatge depending on the mod, cuz u may not like the mod