first off, thanks for reading this.
i am looking for about any kind of serious musicians who can write melodies, are creative, and willing to pick up any instrument they can get their hands on. also they can't be stuck on one thing, especially power chords.
i sing and i'm looking for voices to harmonize with me, but i also want to start a band with every one taking the mic from time to time.
i play guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, keyboards, some cello and vocals. i can work with computers to get different sounds and i need musicians who don't have a problem with synths.
the band i'm starting needs at least one more member, but more would be good. i have plans on using what instruments the song needs, so you may not be playing every song if it's what the song needs.
again, thanks for reading.
if you can meet these needs and are looking to make music that has feeling that you feel run down your spine, powerful rythem, and is ready to record let me know.