Have any of you'all in this community turned you're guitar skills into a way to earn a little extra cash? In the winter around here and the fact that work is really slow in the construction biz now a days, can you buy and finish bodies and necks assemble them with good parts, make a nice guitar and earn a profit? Can you buy parts good enough yet affordable to make it worth while? I can do all the work minus frets myself . Any advice? Thanks.
i dress weird, drop acid, then play my guitar on the streets of Seattle AND make a killing... like we are talking 25 dollars in 3 hours...
I do lessons on the side. 20 bucks a half hour, amounts to 40 an hour if you work it right. Not bad, and actually makes you better. I know it sounds wierd, but even teaching beginners makes you get your crap together.
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Bolth sound great but I was talking about building and customizing guitars.
im sure the guys at carvin had to start somewhere, lol
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I think it'd be pretty hard to get into the building side of things, especially if you don't know how to build the fret board. I'm sure it could be done, Paul Reed Smith and the guys over at Carvin both come to mind.

There's a guy here in town who owns a guitar shop. His main buissiness is in retail (not his instruments) and repair/ mantainence, but he also does custom builds. So that's really my yard-stick for my opinion.

If your good, and at least at some point don't mind being humbled by a kid whos only played a bit, I think teaching is your best bet for "moon lighting"
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