hey guys im completely new to posting on here and wondered if someone could pass judgement upon an intro i laid down today on cubase?
i only got cubase today and havent worked out half of it yet!

like i said its only a basic intro but im proud of it, its the first time ive ever heard myself playing!

please let me know what you think and where i am going wrong

many thanks!
No, you should be on the left track, not the right track, my friend.

EDIT: Honestly, I don't hear any originality in it at all. I suggest doing it over.
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It was pretty good. Sounded pop punkish if that was what you are trying to get at.
hate to be a prick, but that sounds a lot like the intro to love at first fright by the murderdolls, same chords, almost same rhythm....all until the other stuff comes in
ur not bein a prick m8, ive never listened to them so i dont think thats possible but i will check them out now!

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i did but didnt get ant crit

Crit other people's work, then link to your thread so they can crit it back.
It's called crit4crit, or c4c.
i just listened to that song, its not exact, but it just instantly reminded me of that song
Sounds very similar to many many many popular song, all based off of Pachelbel's Canon in D. Still, it's nicely done, and it sounds really good.
thanks guys i didnt expect this much feedback its all good stuff, i will see what i can cook up today and try and post something worth listening to this time!!

thanks again