Well thats another night ruined.

I play a Gibson Les Paul classic with super low action, Elixir Nanoweb something something - .009 - .042.

3rd time a tone and a half bend has snapped my high e string. Am i doing something wrong? The string wasnt at all rusted and has been on since the 23rd of January.

If it helps i did the tone and a half bend in the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son solo (Iron Maiden).
try thicker strings? i dont know what to tell you... i use heavy strings.. cant remember the size.. 57 on bottom i think, iv never had a string break during a bend.
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try 10-46 strings, thats what i have and ive never snapped one in a bend.... well one, but it was a pretty huge bend
where did the string break?
at the bridge?
at the nut?
at the tuning machine?
somewhere inbetween?
I use 0.09s on my Strat, but it has never snapped during a bend, even when I bent it and pulled on the whammy at the same time, until it was about 4 semitones up...
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like said. depends on where the string breaks.

for example, if it broke on the saddle, then, there might be a sharp spot on the saddle.

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