Well, jist of it is, I'm looking for a knockabout guitar, cheaper the better, that (with a pickup swap) can do Ska well-enough.

Looking at the Ibanez GAX30, Epiphone Les Paul Jr. or something similar.

Only playing Ska and pop-"punk" (OLD Greenday, Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish etc)

Probably put a PAF in it or something.
Any suggestions?
(Also, tell me a price when you suggest something)

Epiphone Les Paul Junior 57' Reissue should suit that sound almost perfectly.
If not then maybe a Squier? You could always change the pickups you didn't like them.
Good Luck.
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Yea my aim was to get something not too pricey just for ska, so I can paint it, sticker it and pretty much trash it.
Might just chuck a Gibson PAF in there or something

Thanks for the contribution.