hey guys. need a hand. is there something out there in the direction of Guitar Pro that is more specific for keyboard players/composers?
Thanks in advance^^
Guitar pro gives you the option of writing the song in standard notation instead of tab.
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As said above, you can enter the music directly into the standard notation area. All you have to do is make sure that the guitar tuning is set for a wide enough range. I just would make and save an overkilled guitar range for whenever you want to enter keyboard and just hide the tab. If you don't increase the range, you will be unable to enter notes past the common guitar range.

There are a couple of finicky issues with it, normally you want to divide it into two tracks anyways (one for the treble clef and one for the bass clef) anyways, which solves some of them. Once you have done it a bit, you won't really notice anymore.

Pretty much anything that lets you enter music works for keyboard, but Guitar Pro is nice, fairly versatile, and comparatively cheap to some of the other programs which are more intended as professional grade synths.
I use Sibelius, but it's expensive unless you want to download it illegally. Not that i did that, no way.
Finale 2008 is more intuitive than Sibelius 5, imho. You can get Finale Notepad for free.

Or you could torrent either of the full products. But I'm not advocating that in any way, just noting that it is possible.
sibelius 1.4 is what i use. It's very good and easier to use than the newer versions.
Keyboard Pro

Sibelius is my preferred commercial 'What You See is What You Get' notation program.
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Thanks guys, just bought "cough, cough" Finale 2008. ill check out sibelius too in a day or two.
Again, thanks for the help ppl!