hey guys my band is covering supermassive black hole by muse at my school talent quest and i was wondering how to best replicate matt's sound any tips would be great thanks

p.s i am looking for a new guitar something simillar to the mansons that matt uses without the effects and laser obviously just something with a simillar looking body any tips?

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There are some Yamaha knockoff Telecasters that are close to the same body shape, but you'll never get Matt Bellamy's tone with a tele. You'll need something with humbuckers, preferably Bare Knuckle Nailbombs. The guitar he uses live for SMBH also has a touchpad connected to an external effects processor for making the weird noise sounds during the solo. I don't believe you'll need a Fuzz Factory for this particular song, though it's generally regarded as a requirement for doing any Muse. In fact a Fuzz Factory might be a suitable alternative to the touchpad as it can make a fair share of weird noises by itself. Live I believe he's using a Diezel VH4 though I think the song was recorded with a Soldano SLO. You can use a Yamaha T series amp with a replaced choke to get a tone similar to the SLO, but they're hard to find and getting more expensive.

For doing this on a budget:

Cheap humbucker equipped guitar: ~$250
Bridge position Bare Knuckle Nailbomb: $200
ZVex Fuzz Factory: $180
Yamaha T50 amplifier with choke mod: $600
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