I'm looking for recognisable, intermediate fingerpicking pieces for acoustic guitar.
I don't want songs that I have to sing along to because I don't sing.

Can anybody give me some suggestions?

Bob Dylan and Paul Simon both have lots of fingerpicked songs that are as fun to listen to as they are to play.

Also, whatever you do, don't learn "Dust in the Wind". Everyone hates that song.
You've never heard "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas?

Eh, the song always struck me as way too melodramatic.
'Anji' is a classic, also check out John Renbourn stuff (especially 'the hermit').
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Thankyou everybody for what you have submitted so far. I'll look into those.
I hope this is helpful for others as well.

So why does every body hate "Dust in The Wind"? I've never heard it but that may be because I live in Australia.
She Moved Through the fair- Davy Graham
Mustapha-Davy Graham

there are tons of great fingerpicking songs out there, It shouldn't be that hard to find some you want to play

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Tears In Heaven, might be a litttle easy
Under The Bridge intro
I fingerpick Traffic In The Sky-Jack Johnson
i also fingerpick...GASP!... Hey There Deliliah
Classical Gas if you're somewhat advanced
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