A while back I asked for advice regarding on guitar gear upgrades suitable for what I wanted and needed. While it's depressing meeting people who think $500 amps are crappy, I cannot spend that kind of money on an amp.

A recommendation was made to buy the Roland Cube 20X (I'm guessing maybe $150 to $200 for me depending on where I buy it) for metal and I read that it sounded very "clean," which is what I want because my current amp sounds very muddy and the notes don't ring out as clearly as I want to, if that's even possible (not very good with the correct terms for describing sound quality). I am skeptical, though, because I have never heard a live demonstration of the Roland Cube amps and the nice sounding ones may be fake/attributed to nicer guitar, pickups, or additional add-on effects.

Should I go for the Cube and it's built-in effects, or should I keep my Fender Frontman 15G and buy a pedal instead? There was a YouTube video of a Frontman Fontman 15G with a BOSS MT2 Distortion Pedal (about $100) and it sounded decent and close to the sound I wanted, but he used a Fender SSS while I have a Fender Jag-Stang (stock).

Which should I buy? Roland Cube 20X or a BOSS MT2 (or other recommended pedals?) for my Fender Frontman 15G and stock Fender Jag-Stang? Budget is $200-ish and style of choice is hard rock, metal, and shredding. Thanks in advance.
Forget the frontman, most of us probably started on that ****ty amp...I did, or something similar, and I hated it. I can tell you the cube series blows the frontman series completely out of the water. If you want a cheap decent amp get the cube, they are awesome amps for the price.
If you only need it for practising at home, think about getting the Microcube. It would be cheaper and it has all the same features + more amp models. It's pretty loud for it's size too.
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