So next week, there's going to be a year meeting for my year (year 9) and people will get the opportunity to perform infront of the other students. I've performed infront of my year before but that was not so good because the people who were meant to set up the sound equipment didn't do it properly and it didn't generally sound good because of the horrible backing track.

I'm tossing up between Technical Difficulties and Scarified and possibly Master Of Puppets (but that song's a little long for a one-man performance). I want to perform but my friend told me I'd look like an arrogant prick if I got up and performed alone with just a backing track and me playing the guitar. (She said I'd look like I'm too good to perform with other people) But the thing is, I don't think I can get a band together to pull off Scarified in perfect timing within a week.

Please tell me if you think I should perform with a backing track or just not do it because it'd make me look arrogant. Thank you in advance.
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I imagine someone playing master of puppets alone with a backing track would look kinda weird. And BORING.

Yeah, that's why I'm probably doing Technical Difficulties or Scarified if the people on this forum tell me if I'll look arrogant just alone.
I was thinking of doing a cover of take a bow on guitar and keyboard of a backing track but i dunno any more. I think you should do it i guess.

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idk man, if you are going to perform at a school talent show you do a song that everyone knows. and if no one likes you, save yourself the embarrasment