I'm looking to buy a new guitar, i want an Ibanez S620EXQM
but the are bout $1,300(AUS)

Does that guitar have good pickups or should i go for something
cheaper like the Ibanez RG350EX which is $828(AUS) and get really good pickups like the DiMarzio pickups.

what option should i go for?
or could you give me any other options.
If u like the Ibanez S series (which are great), get the S320 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-S320-S-Series-Electric-Guitar?sku=512503

Replace the pickups... if it was me i'd get the Dimarzio D-Sonic (bridge) and Air Norton (Neck).
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Good post spectre, I'm sure the TS will really appreciate that golden nugget of information.

If you are going to get an S series, I woud either get the S470 for the middle PU or the S320. The necks, bridges, pickups (except the S470 has the middle one), and everything is the same, you are just paying for "pretty" the higher you go. If thats worth it to you, then have at it, but I am personally getting the S470 for the middle pick up versatility and vast array of used ones.

As for the RG, avoid them unless you get a prestige, the trem is a POS on the non prestiges. I have heard both ways on S series pickups, some like them and some dont. As easy and relatively cheap as they are to replace, I'd say go for it.
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