I'm looking for recognisable, intermediate fingerpicking pieces for acoustic guitar.
I don't want songs that I have to sing along to because I don't sing.

Can anybody give me some suggestions?

well the two obvious ones are Led Zep- Stairway to heaven, and Metallica- Nothing Else Matters. Others i've learned Chilli peppers- road trippin, and the eagles- hotel california
Classical gas...and tat new instrumental song on foo fighters latest album, i frgt wat its called, sorry, try lookin it up...
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Anything by Tommy Emmanuel. Most of his stuff is pretty much impossible but I learned "Mombasa" by him a few years ago and it's not too hard. It's a beautiful piece of music.


EDIT; i've just noticed he's using hybrid picking in that video, but i've seen him play it fingerpicked.
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^ yeah tommy is amazing, to much for me at the minute, I can't concentrate for long enough to learn any of his songs, but he's cool
Streets of london, elliot smith stuff, some eric clapton stuff
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"Dust in The Wind" if you haven't already learned it, it would be great to learn

beat me to it.

+1 BTW
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"blackbird" by the beatles is a nice one to play..also some Jack Johnson songs have some nice finger picking patterns.
I'll have a look at that video tomorrow, is hybrid picking using the pick and your fingers at the same time? I've gotten so well at fingerpicking that using a pick is a bit difficult for me, or maybe fingerpicking is a lot easier.
Thats funny, I just got told by two other people that everybody hates "Dust in The Wind"
did the radios play it to often or something?
Thankyou everybody for what you have submitted so far.