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Routine (inspired by Elephant)
4 44%
Correlations, Two Hundred and Sixteen... (inspired by Pi)
5 56%
Voters: 9.

"I'll see you after school," I said
she drove away, mouthing an "I love you"
behind the window of her car.
"Why can't I have my own car, it's so lame when
you need your mom to dri-"
A bell rings, and my feet find their own path,
etched into memory after four years.

"You gonna go to the show Friday night?" John asks,
And I contemplate it over my french fries and gravy.
"I dunno," I reply, "I might be hanging out with Jess,
she wants to bond or some BS."
He looked at me, grinning.
"Ha, she's going to turn you into a pussy man,
Mark my words,"
"**** off," I say, and throw my
Jello cup at his head, which narrowly bobs out of the way.

"...and then Hitler was able to invade Poland, allowing him to.."
Thompson's voice dissolves into an inaudible whine,
and I stare out the window, scribbling some zig zags onto
my page, pretending to be busy.
Minutes drag on, held back by the will of the teacher,
Who seems to have control of the past and the present.
A bell rings, and seats scrape as people shuffle to the door.

"What the hell was that?" John asks,
a dull thud in the distance.
"Probably a chemistry experiment gone wrong" I laugh,
reaching into my locker.
A girl's scream rings out from down the hall,
John looks at me and raises an eyebrow.
"Those drama kids sure take their **** seriously,"
I close the door, and we walk down the hall.

Footsteps echo as we round the corner, heading for the stairs.
John wants to change my weekend plans again.
"You know man, you're really gonna regret not see-"
He falls to the beat of a metal hammer..
Feet, on autopilot carry me further than my screaming brain
Wants to go.
I see the flat black barrel, the camoflauge pants.
A click, and gears grind as thoughts try to process.
"What are you do-"

A bell rings.
Feet twitch.

Correlations, two hundred and sixteen...

12: 35 Restate my assumptions ;
Mathematics is the language of nature.
Where one and one can equal three
These are not just intentions for “you” and “me”,
It’s the final answer, the closure.
This pain in my brains only shows up
When everything intensifies, when I get
So close where I can extend my arm
And almost touch it, it intensifies
When I go too far, how far is too far?

5: 47 Personal note;
Everything around us can be represented
And understood through numbers,
The freezing point, the copper coins, the sunflower.
There must be a solution for that goddamn spiral,
When you blow out your cigarette, it’s motion, see
When you pour milk in black coffee,
The way we’re running circles while getting
Further. You. Me.
The stock market. Every Go game. All that chaos.
This headache. Pain. Pain.

11 : 43 Results :
If you graph the numbers of any system,
Patterns emerge.
And you see connections. Medicine. Crashes.
The Torah. The true name of God. Marijuana.
It was given to me, this madness, this ability,
The digits, this disease. When I was six my mother
Told me not to stare into the sun.
So I did.
Before crashing,
I saw the light.
And became aware
Of my own existence.
I didn't know all we had to do was retell the story of the fucking movie.

Last line killed blue for me to be honest. I thought beigeolivethingy was better thought out as a piece.

So yeah.