I really want to be able to figure out songs by ear. But whats the best,quickest way to do this?
By trying to figure out songs by ear
Just start off with easier songs, and eventually you'll start moving onto harder stuff.
any suggestions on songs to start with? and dont say 7 nation army! thx
i used to start with really simple tunes,
then moved to simple songs
then just try harder ones
A lot of sabbath stuff if pretty easy to work out if you know the key just work it out from around minor pentatonic and you should be away. Try N.I.B.

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as said above, if you know the key signature of the song or even one that a band is known for (e.g. Iron Maiden) familiarise yourself with the notes of the scale then loads of maiden songs are easy to pick up by just trying to match pitch on an album to what you play out of your amp
Another good Sabbath song is Symptom of the Universe (one part might give you trouble, you'll know what I mean).
start wit nairvana stuff...if u cant do at least 1/10 give up ,cos u suk
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I know it sounds really childish but start off by humming some nursery rhymes. Things such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star etc, then start noodling around on your guitar. Because you're humming it inside your head, you'll find it easier to find the right key & the right notes to play ...

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A lot of sabbath stuff if pretty easy to work out if you know the key just work it out from around minor pentatonic and you should be away. Try N.I.B.

+1 Learning the first 2 sabbath albums helped my playing a lot. Also some of the simpler zeppelin songs would be good. And if you want something more melodic try some stone roses.

also learn what every type of interval sounds like. the goal is to be able to identify every type of interval in any key, in any octave.
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simple acoustic songs are good too. try some old bob dylan. might not really like the songs but they're simple, regular chords. G-C-D stuff. starting out simple like that will teach you how to learn, if that makes sense...

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Sooner or later you might want to get into chord functions aswell, that is, hearing which "role" a chord has in a key. A D chord has a different role in the key of D than it has in the key of G. When you start hearing those, you'll be able to just play songs out of the air without even listening to them. It's a great party trick.