I just got my traynor ycv50 in the mail. everything was perfect and amazed me until I turned the reverb knob up to 10. There was absolutely no difference. No matter what there is no "reverb effect". I have no idea what is wrong with it.. or what I could do to fix it.. anyone?
Sounds like it was disconnected or something. There should be jacks or something that lead to the reverb tank in the bottom. Either that, or the springs broke.

To be honest, it's not that big of a loss. The YCV reverb goes from barely noticeable, to really splashy, eerie verb in between 9 and 10, quite unusable. A cheap, used holy grail or similar will be much better.
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Hmmm mine doesnt work either on my blue.... its plugged in and everything... just realized now

LOL i guess that means I dont use it anyways... maybe I will just take it out and save some weight....
Consider that the YCV50 has a 2 year unlimited warranty if you really are bent on getting the reverb.

I wasn't a fan of the stock reverb on the YCV50 and second the notion to invest in a quality stompbox.
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