okay i need a quick answer cuz i need to go to school soon.

what settings do I need to make my bass be heard distinctly but not overpower the guitar? In other words, how do i get a real cutting tone, kinda like john myung?
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Boost your mids.

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boost the mids and treble
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Yeah, mids definitely put the bass part in front. I was playin with a group and typically on the EQ I have high bass and high treble with mids at a slightly lower setting.

anyways, I turned up the mids all the way and starting playing (I also have a jazz and turned the front pickup down a bit) and someone started telling me that what I did was really cool this week and asked me to do it as a solo...yet it was the same thing I had been playing all along. The high mids let everyone hear it.
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Here's my obligatory EQ plug:



I've passed on years of EQ research and experience in those blogs. If you can get your head around the concepts, you can figure out what EQ sound you want in no-time.

The point of those blogs is that "the mids" don't exist and boosting 400Hz, 500Hz, 600Hz, 700hz, 800Hz, 900Hz, and 1000Hz (all "mids", ****ing bull****!) give completely, completely different tonal qualities, and boosting some frequencies without cutting others will give the exact OPPOSITE effect.


"The mids" you're talking about is in DIRECT conflict with the guitars, whereas ~@2000Hz isn't.

Come on, people!

EDIT: Your guitar player (with passive, ie. cut only EQ) has his "lows" at around 100Hz, and you can go much, much lower. His lows are in a totally different world from your lows.
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Any suggestions on how to learn Hz rather than "mids" "highs" etc?
My amp operates on those, but I want to learn actual frequencies.
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Any suggestions on how to learn Hz rather than "mids" "highs" etc?
My amp operates on those, but I want to learn actual frequencies.

Just look up the manual for your amp, and find out what frequency each knob responds to.
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