illScarlett is coming Friday and it's only $15 so I'd kinda like to go. Only problem is, I can't find anyone who is able to go, or anyone who actually likes them enough to go. Anyone just go to shows alone sometimes and enjoy the music themselves?
Yeah, you'll meet new people anyway. Even if you did go with someone, you're likely to get split up from them in the crowd.
I had to go see Dream Theater solo last year due to not having any friends who wanted to go. Their loss as they all now love em due to Systematic Chaos.
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going alone rocks :p but when I think about it... if you go to shows often, you're never alone. I haven't had any show wich I went to alone where I stayed alone for more then half an hour.

It'll work out great, If you want to see a band, you'll regret that you havent gone on your own.

have fun
Yeah dude, its funner when you go without your friends
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I had to see Iron Maiden last saturday by myself, because i have no friends
you spend more attention on the music that way, and you're more likely to meet new people that way

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Wasn't this a thread three days ago?
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
I've went to a few shows on my on and most of the time you end up seing someone you know that you'd never think of seing there or you'll just make new friends at the show! juste talk to some people there and have fun watching the show
Never been on my own before, but all my friends like the same music a I do so...

But if its a big crowd, I'd go on my own, like someone said earlier, you'll get separated anyway.