I'm in the market for an inexpensive but fairly nice Strat that I can upgarde with better components as money and time allows. I bought my wife a Bullet strat just before Christmas and it is excellent for my purposes so I'm kinda looking for another one but there are a few models available over the internet. The one I bought her has a rosewood fretboard , a small headstock, and a tremolo. Some I see out there have a rosewood fretboard, small headstock and no tremolo. I believe the no trem model is called an SE 100, the adds say it has a more authentic body thickness than the other bullet models. My only complaint about the Bullet we have is its a little bright and this may be due to its thinner body. How hard would it be to add a trem to a no-trem model and would the few extra millimeters of wood gained be worth the trouble ? I'm looking for a rich, bluesy tone and I'm going to replace the pickups and electronics eventually anyway, can I cover for a thinner body with those upgrades ?
get a standard fender strat. the SE100 is made by PRS.. its good but its pretty damn hard for you average player to put a strat tremelo on a non tremelo guitar. it require routing and must be very accurate. As far as tone, the mexican strat is 400 bucks roughly and is damn good. the electronics can be upgraded later.

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'Vintage' guitars are very cheaply priced (especially in the uk) and those that I have played have been much nicer than you'd expect.
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your speaker is not broken in?

if i where you, i wouldnt play through it until it is
^ i always got put off by the fact that they were selling them new in cash generator, that always smells trouble.
but ever since i heard they were quite nice, they never had any since, i really would like to play one.

but anyways im sure everyones going to suggest a mexican strat lol.
For decent quality low price stuff, I like the MIM Fender stuff. Last MIM Tele I bought had CTS pots in it from the factory.

If the average $350 plus shipping off eBay is too hard to swallow, then the next safe bet would be the Squier Standard series. If you troll around you can scoop 'em up for around $100 used, and unlike the Affinity series, the Standard series Squier bodies are full size.

Over the years there have been other good Squier models, but most of those have become collectors items to many people, and as a result driven the prices up higher than that of even U.S. made stuff.

I've heard many people say good things about the Agile strat clones, but I haven't had any first hand experience with them.
haha i see how that could put you off. admbwr you are 1 year and one day younger than me!
Quote by DeathByDestroyr
your speaker is not broken in?

if i where you, i wouldnt play through it until it is
I had a MIM tele that was probably made in the late nineties, it was excellent. I regret ever getting rid of it but descisions had to be made. I'll probably get another one after I get the Strat situation under control. Ebay has some pretty nice MIM and Squier Strats but I don't really want to buy something sight un-seen that I can't return. I have to have something with very low action due to my sausage fingers and if I buy something used I'm sure I can't return it. My wifes Bullet is really nice and the body is fullsize, just maybe not a thick as USA Strats. My friend in junior high scholl had a small body Bullet, it sounded good but I won't have one. I can get one like hers for 99 dollars from a few dealers but everyone seems to say the SE 100 hardtail model is better quality.
I buy guitars pff the 'net all the time.. you can set up even the crappiest 'First Act' guitars with low action with a good set up, provided the neck is straight and it's got a decent nut.

Since you're looking for a guitar that you can 'upgrade' as time and money allows, just buy one off the 'net from a reputable seller and make your first 'upgrade' a good custom setup.

Inexpensive and '100% customer satisfaction out of the box' aren't generally two things you hear in the same paragraph when you're talking guitars.. or toilet paper.

But with a little know how you can get nice low action on just about anything.