I have an Epi SG and I have been putting 9's on it. I have been reading that a lot of people put 10's on there SG's because of the shorter fret board which allows you to lower the action a bit more is that true?
Pretty much. 24.75" scale guitars (such as SGs, LPs) will allow the strings to be naturally slacker than 25.5" scale guitars (Strats, Telecasters). So, .10 on an SG will feel roughly the same as .9s on a Strat.

It depends on your preference though. Some people like .10s on 25.5" scale guitars and .11's on 24.74" ones, or use .9s on 24.75s even. Personally, I use .10s on everything, and that's on top of having all my 24.75" scale guitars tuned down a half step.

So, just use whatever you want. There's not a huge difference anyway.
So the .10s will feel tighter than the .09s on my guitar? What size do LP's and SG's come with when you buy them? I didn't see anywhere that says.

Thanks for the good info bokuho. +1
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