So i have been focused really tightly everything that is based on F for last few months now I know:
-F-major scale and pentatonic major.
-F-minor scale and pentatonic minor.
-F-harmonic minor scale
-F-pentatonic blues scale
-F-phryrigian mode
-F-diminished scale

I also know F triads and arpeggios pretty good in Major, Minor, Augmented and diminished.

So i thought should i move on and learn same stuff in different key? I was thinking of E or F#. Or should i still focuse on F, and if i should, what should i focuse on?

Quote by Pyrest
why dont you jsut shift them up and down the neck, that will change their key O_o

^ This

Whatever the root of the scale/arpeggio is (in this case, F), move the scale/arp/whatever to the desired root and play it there. Unless you are talking about modes, then thats a whole different animal