I have a case for my Epiphone SG, it was specifically made for the SG and all, but I got a new strap that is nearly impossible for me to put on and take off without ruining it. I can tuck the strap under the guitar in the case, but then the lid to the case doesn't quite close as easy as it would without the strap.

The guitar is a pretty snug fit in there on it's own. Do you think it's harmful on the neck or strings if I latch the lid closed? Since I've taken it back to college I've been letting the strap hang out and not latching the case to make sure nothing bad happens.

However, on the trip down here I had the strap tucked in and latches closed. I don't think it hurt anything but I want to know about long term...

Thanks a lot.
get straplocks, then you can unclip the strap whenever you want
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Is there any plastic or metal parts on the strap pressing against the actual guitar?

If so I'd probably try and figure out some other way to do all this.
My guitar is kinda hard to put in the case with the strap, I think it is fine though.