Really good! But again cut the intro short, coulda been a little uptempo.

BTW, are you using a Zoom G2? I can make out by the beat, I have it on my song.
We should like, totally share patches and ****.
yeah ive accepted u as a friend!

i actually have the g2.1u with the expression pedal

told u it was mellow! lol
i know this is blatant bumping but i am really quite chuffed with this song and am desperate for feedback no matter how bad
i have no plans to speed it up, although maybe another guitar would give it a fuller sound.

good crit thanks!
I like the effect! sounds like a chorus is it? but whatever it is it sounds good man
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Dude, stop bumping. Just let it go. If you really want crits don't just post "anyone else?". Go to other threads and crit other people's work, then ask for a crit in return.

But anyway, I thought the song was okay. Very relaxing. Nice sounding chords, but i'd reccomend using better drums. I liked the effect on the guitar later in the song, sounds cool. Well put together.
Very relaxing, use better drums and add more layers. Good work sir
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Thanks man.