whats the differance other that the inlays on the v7 neck and the 555 neck? which is better or are they very similar, i heard they are pretty much the same.

thank you
7V is Alder, 555 is Basswood and they have different trems.

I'm sure many of the changes are simply cost cutters in material and build quality.

I have played both and IMHO, the better trem and Alder body make the 7V a MUCH better sounding guitar. Over a grand better, I don't know, but I absolutely despise Basswood guitars. They feel dead to me.
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i guess this is a 7v guitar witha 55 neck tho because the 7v neck was damaged so that should be fine right?
Hmm, i think he means just the necks...

well, i don't know all the specs, but i do know that some of the early 7V's had ebony fingerboards. My mate bought one for £800 second hand. Steal!
so would 750$ be a good price for a 7v with a 555 neck?
the vine on the 555 stops at the twelfth fret, i think. if you suspect it's a 555, i wouldn't bother to be honest.
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