It's almost valentine's day so you know what that means. And I just changed my guitar strings for the second time and the fretboard's pretty gross. I scraped most of the stuff off with a credit card but I'm wondering what else I should do to clean it up. I have a rosewood fretboard. Thanks.
Use ernie ball wipes.
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If there's an easy way to do it with household stuff that'd be great. I don't want to go out right now because the roads are really dangerous. If there isn't i'll just restring it and handle it with my next string change.
you actually have to wipe the crap off with a credit card? lol

Get the fretboard clean and use some fretboard oil, if it doesn't have a finish on it. It'll bring out the color of the wood and make the wood healthy
My hands sweat a lot so i guess it just built up. I don't want to touch it so i used a credit card.
I'm using lemon oil (like Murphy's) to diluted with water + soft cloth to clean my guitars fretboards.
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