i have a line 6 amp. can anyone tell me the best settings to get an avenged sevenfold tone. (the tone from they're newest album would be most appreciated).

Well you aren't going to get their tone out of that amp. Basically you just need an overdrive channel to play it. So just flip it to metal and adjust it to what sounds right to you. I never go for bands settings when i play their songs. I play a lot of megadeth but I don't set my amp like dave mustaines. One I have a different amp and two I like the way I set mine. On most amps I set it about the same. Gain at 7, lows at 7, mids at 3, highs at 4, resonance at 8, presence at 7. And then I boost it with a digitech bad monkey overdrive. In which I keep the gain at about 10 o clock.
have a look at the amp settings stickie, a7x is up there
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idk if its on all line 6 amps, but look in the instructions for distortion boost, on my spider 3 you hold the tap button and push the drive past 12' o clock and the channel a or d lights up to tell you its on, im pretty sure thats a close replica of an overdrive channel, just to add on to what was said before.
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