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Well my Blackheart little Giant came in, I tore the box open before I had a camera so no pics yet. (I will take some tonite) I was a little suprised to see the combo version. However the combo did not disapoint!

The Blackheart looks like a million dollars. What a very eye pleasing amp! White piping on black tolex make this thing very good looking. It seems very durable and is very solid.

This amp sounds amazing! Run it wide open and you can get a fairly heavy crunch. (it did Motely Crue perfectly) Turn down you guitars volume knob and it played Velvet Revolvers "Last Fight" nice and clean. The clean arent loud enough to to compete with a drummer IMO, but with everything cranked, I think you could pretty easy. I played with the 3/5 watt switch a whole bunch, but to me when switched down to 3 it seemed to get a little cleaner (which is backwards of what I thought should happen) but it may have been because my ears were buzzing. I will play around with it some more this weekend.

This is the perfect amp to add to my collection and is just a beautiful sounding amp. Its perfect for playing at home, and it will be making MANY trips with me to my work where it will probally replace my Microcube.

I contacted Kevin and let him know that I did get the amp, and he informed me that the Head and Cab were on backorder, so he sent me the combo. He said if I wanted he will send me the head and cab and I can keep this one to play until then. So I should get to A/B demo the two. The only difference is that the combo version is open backed and the Head and cab is a closed back version.

Good job on a great amp Blackheart! It seems fitting to get a Blackheart for Valentines day!

Either way it looks like I will be getting a tattoo pretty soon!

Pics and maybe some soundclips to come!
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Haha, tattoo it is then
Glad you like the amp tho Looks interestin .....
Look forward to some sound clips *wink wink*
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I have the head. I <3 my Blackheart.

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Damn, guess I'm going to have to get a Blackheart sometime!
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Wow, awesome looking. Makes me anticipate the Handsome Devil head even more....
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how much does the tatt cost?
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Join the club my man!

I think I'm the only person in the UK to actually have the full head and cab together, except for maybe R_H_C_P, but I was first!
Those amps sure have a rad shell. I really dig how they look.

Today, I ordered the Handsome Devil head and 1x12 cab. They aren't in stock yet and should be shipping mid March to April 1.

I am anxiously awaiting my Blackheart. I'll give a full report from playing my '04 Melody Maker w/P-90 through it, straight and dry. I have no FX. My last amp had built-ins.

Edit: update - I ordered a Boss DS-1 which should arrive soon to wait impatiently with me for the amp.
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Oh and on theose pictures of the "Guts" up earlier....

Where it says KVP Rocks, the guy who sent me the amp is named Kevin... and his last initials are VP, (I dont know if he wants me to be saying his name on a forum)

His title at blackheart (according to his email sig) is "Chief Marketing Dunce"
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how is the tone?

try with any pedals yet?
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ive played mine for a few minutes with my ad-9 and ph-2 (not at the same time though). sounded very nice with both of them. i would prefer them in an effects loop when its cranked, but they still sound damn nice when in front of the amp. fuzz, wah, and compressor will be tried when my new transistors arrive.