here is my problem. i have a zoom effects processor that i used to use to record on my old computer. what i did was plug in an adapter from my line out on the peddle that went out to my microphone in on my computer. i used audacity and had some fun times with this setup. i now have a laptop and when trying the same thing its just registers as this horrid nasty buzz noise (no matter what effect im using). it sorta sounds like when you turn your tv to a fuzzy station. anyway i can't figure out what is wrong so any advice would be awesome.
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dodgy jack socket on laptop maybe? or your leads are going funny possibly...has the laptop got the same setup as the pc...same windows and same recorder and whatever?
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well no my old comp was windows xp and my new one is vista, however i don't think that should be the problem. the weird thing is the laptop i have is the second laptop of the same model ive owned. and i had the same problem with the last one
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"