Hi all, I'm tryin to figure out which song to start working on next. I'v only been playing for a few months so I can't start on anything too advanced but I'm not sure what a fun song would be. So far I can play six - all that remains, fade to black - metallica, welcome to buckethead land, and children of decadence - children of bodom. I don't struggle with any of the solos or anything in songs, just the chords and rhythem, if you could think of any good songs please let me know.
Learn some theory and learn how to read notation.

Don't be a lame "guitarist" who just looks at tabs and says they are a guitarist.

If you are taking lessons, then ask your teacher. They know best (.........most of the time :p)
I say only bother learning to read notation if you're actually going to read sheet music.
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Yeah my friends said I should start learning notation. I'v kind of just looked at tabs since I started and worked on technique so I don't know too much about scales and stuff like that.