I'm looking at a guitar from a seller with no feedback, who has a link to another account which says is his fathers (potentially bull****). Also, I noticed in the pictures there is no shot showing the bottom of the guitar where there could potentially be major scratches or harm done to the guitar. So, should I assume that this item should not be trusted? Is that a no brainer? It's a shame though, it looks like a nice guitar...but I haven't bid on it.
I always avoid sellers who have no feedback whatsoever. It's just so easy to con people that way. Why don't they just use their dad's account?
i personally dont like to buy from the interwebz id rather call up the seller and go check out wut im buying
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I would not recommend buying a guitar that you have not played. Ever. Period.

I reckon if you know you can get your money back should you not like it then you have nothing at all to lose by buying online (for example CIJ Fenders), in this case though yeah sounds a little dodgy.
It's very easy to get a decent feedback score, and I'm eternally wary of any seller who hasn't done so. I say wait for another one to come along.
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