eh, i wouldn't say that's typical strat tone.
you can see he's replaced some of the pickups.
there's also a huge amount of reverb and a lot of distortion.
Looks look hes using either Seymour duncan hotrails or JB Juniors in his neck and bridge positions. To get that kind of sound just use an amp with a good thick distortion (Marshall JCM) and a guitar with moderate to high output humbuckers with shaved highs.
Not typical at all. He flips from the bridge to the neck a couple times and both of those pups look like they're aftermarket. Sounds good to my ears though.
yeah i noticed the pickup changes also. The reason i like it, it sort of gives that iron maiden tone with a strat
It's not exclusive to a strat, but it is done better with one.

For some reason, the neck pup in a strat sounds so good. Doesn't matter what pup it is, it always sounds good in the neck .
High as tits