Ok guys, please check out da songs called "Hot Potatoes 1" and "Hot Potatoes 2".
They're instrumental songs, two different versions of the same one. They're not very good, but it's the 1rst and 3rd takes, so I'll just ask people to tell me which one they like most/hate most. If I get good feedback I'll record them properly this week-end. And sorry for the crappy tone, but plugging an amp into my pc's sound thingy with a minijack cable just ruins it all....
sounds pretty cool. the tone isnt to bad, not the best, but its better then some recordings (you know the ones, recording a marshall MG15 with a karaoke microphone onto a four track cassete recorder lol.)

second half of the solo on number one was sweet. you definitely got some chops. work on cleaning up your tapping.

the first half of number one seemed to drag a little bit, and also seemed to pause at odd points. that may just be the fact that theres only rhythm guitar right now, so dont freak about it yet.

also id say you might want to try adding some more variation to the rhythm line. like say if your going up a whole step the first measure, try going down the next measure.

anyways, if you want to crit the video in my sig, that would be sweet.
nice leads, and the rhythm guitar backed it up very well. nice soloing , tones not to bad. u have lost of styling in your playing, blues, tapping, metal. some really good stuff. nice work, keep it up

crit mine
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