Im looking for a website that explains guitar problems (electric or accoustic) and ways to fix them. I think its probably just a good thing to know. Like my accoustic had a crack in the bottom from temperature change, and I was told to put wood glue or superglue in there, and that actually worked. Or my guitar was ringing, and it was the springs in the back (tremelo), so i put a soft cloth in the back and now it doesnt ring. But im looking for real repair, like how to change pickups, and just ways to fix common problems, and things like intonation and action. So, anyone know any free websites?

They're kinda all over the place, and not very comprehensive. Usually, a few minutes of googleing will get you what you need, specifically, but I can't think of a general self-repair assistance site.
There aren't any comprehensive sites on it, but there definitely should be. +Goes to suggestions forum+
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