lol, I recorded these two songs with me playing keys(piano/synth), guitar, bass, and drums(which I looped).. I really only play bass regularly, so lemme know what you think and any tips. thanks

if you do want to play all these instruments, your time would best be served practicing guitar. the intonation/tuning was pretty out which was hard to ignore. Invasion's piano intro sounded good. Keep it up and keep practicing, you've got more discipline and ambition than me to try and learn more than 2 instruments.

Here's mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=12770216#post12770216
both songs seem quite promising and could be be good with a little bit of work!

I'm pretty sure the guitar was out of tune, also try to get rid of the kind of annoying fuzz in the background.
maybe its just my speakers, but i thought it was kind of distracting.

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The Guitar is definitely letting you down. Also the problem with looping is it becomes repetitve very quickly and impossible to define chorus from verse try making a piano part, bass part and guitar and overlapping them into a song.
I have to agree with what everyone else says. The main problem I think though is the recording technique, as the guitar sounds out of place regardless of tuning. Try maybe setting it back in the mix to make it more full sounding of a song. If you could fix the tuning and mixing it would for sure be a great instrumental jam.
i dont think i have much to add that hasnt been said. the guitar sounded to me like it was coming in a little off time at parts. when i heard the first songs verse piano all i could think of was chopsticks lol. try mixing it up a bit and doing some more interesting things with the arrangement.