So for a solo guitar album, such as songs by like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani ect.
what should I do to make a cool album intro like some bands have, that have all those different weird noises and stuff..
I'd prefer to not use much drums in it.. maybe

just not sure what to do for an intro..
and the type of music will be as I mentioned, solo guitar music.. it'll have other instruments but the guitar is the vocals so.. yeah

I'm thinking of something with rain..
so far I've got a nicely recorded home-made rain thing I've had for a while..
I'm thinking of using this as the base maybe even if it's probably used often.

oh and the intro.. which you can probably tell by now.. is just going to be a short thing, like not really a song to start the album off.
rain is a bit of a cliche with this sortof thing i think, as is beach sounds, waves etc.

go for something unpredictable, like... i dunno.. an elephant stampede.
use your imagination.

also alot of bands use strings, and a piano to get an atmospheric effect. with a guitar line over that, with long sustained notes.

be original
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I would say.. A guitar screech, drums crashing about.. as if the room had an earth quake or something.. then go for a fade out, then fade back in just before it's silent, then start the first track.. if you get what I mean.
go with something that contrasts track 2 on the album to make it stand out more. eg. piano playing to heavy metal or explosions to acoustic.
look at the intros in The glass prison - dream theater or blackened - metallica, i love those

Or as dream theater does on the Octavarium cd. start with the last note in the last song, so it represent a circle ( they talk much about it on the dvd i have x) )
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Anyways.. I like that earthquake idea kinda' o.O
but i dunno.. the others sound good too..

oh and the rain thing was like.. wasn't going to be just rain alone.. like from this old album some band called "Linkin Park"
they had a very short intro called foreward which had things going on but you could hear rain in the background and it was pretty cool
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