Hey guys, question here

what do you guys think are good songs for battle of the bands? Im looking for a good balance b/w bass and guitar [bassist here] and not metal stuff

people i could scrounge up are: drums, guitar, maybe piano, maybe vox

thanks [sorry if wrong board]
oasis or blur stuff would be alright, if you want something with a good balance try my generation by the who, or club foot by kasabian

never thought id hear myself say this but you could maybe try green day stuff, depends how musically mature the audience and judges will be!
not metal? then where is the fun of crowd surfing?
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eh, not a fan of green day or punk

i was thinking something alt, rock, blues or jazz

if only we could manage YYZ...
use 45 by shinedown its a nice slow just beautiful song that you can do easy to remembe to i used it at our battle of the band we came in 4th
Play Freewill then, that's pretty manageable and a kickass song. But to be honest I hate it when cover bands win in battle of the bands, over other bands who put lots of effort into writing their own music.

This should be in Bandleading btw