it hurts really really bad but i cant go until 2 weeks cuz i dont have enough money

heres my 2 option

a bottle of johnny walker red label

or weed

do what tom hanks did in castaway and use a rock and a figure skate to bash i out
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The cheapest (and most healthy) alternative is just rubbing anbesol on it.
that is it's intended use.
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move to england for free dentistry...
its crap... but its better than nothing?!
i dont really see how either of those are options....maybe if you didnt buy alcohol and weed you would have money for the dentist
Why not both?
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3.14 pie or the delicious crusted treat we all know and love?

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Therefore your argument is rubbish, as well as being full of profanity and anti-Semitic. Are you Mel gibson, by any chance?
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Barrel roll.

This is not to 4 chan
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do what tom hanks did in castaway and use a rock and a figure skate to bash i out

Oh, that was nasty! Awesome film though.
You really don't have money for the dentist?? :|, how do you afford internet then??

EDIT: What, you have to pay in cash right away?
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i do not suggest the castaway option.
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God, I love the NHS so much.
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Somebody's trash talking about your thread
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i said it in my 1st post.

You are saying i have something to prove..

its a ****ing thread on a ****ing forum, you talk about things, discuss them

This thread is more intelligent then most threads on the pit

Stupid threads in the pit

" i have a bad toothache and 2 options "

Actually, forget about the root canal treatment, just get rid of your tooth.
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i dont buy much weed and booze

root canal=650$

Ah, my bad, i take back what i said....you could always just break ur finger so u wouldnt notice the pain in your mouth anymore
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Why not both?

well said sir
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

A big bottle of ibuprofen...

I had an ear infection and a gum infection on a broken tooth at the same time
6 ibuprofen every 2 hours or so will did the trick..

Not weed, the pain will kill your buzz..