I have a Lado II for sale. It was made in the 80's in Ontario. I don;t know very much about the guitar. What I do know, Gotoh tuners, Kahler brigde, I am 80% sure that the pickups are Dimarzo, if needed I will take the out to find out. It retails at around 1000$ but with the pickups and the shape it's in was valued at 1200$. It is one of the most solid guitar I have played. It compares to a vintage strat soundwise with the single coils but has a humbucker in the bridge position. Great next and sweet looks. I would be willing to trade it for another guitar or a bass. Make offers. Or sell, also make offers. E-mail me at redwing91007@hotmail.com for more info and pictures! I would rather not ship but it is an option. I live in montreal so that would be ideal!
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded

I'd keep it, Lado's are pretty high quality guitars. I've owned mine now for 25 years and nothing comes close to the workmanship and sound
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