Apparently the ts doesnt understand that there is a "metal album of the year" category,,,,,

and double "ughhh......slayer"
This isnt the first year there has been a Best Metal Performance category. I think Slayer's won that category nearly every year.
metal hasn't been underground since i can't remember when..

and triple "ugh... slayer..."
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They won last year....
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Slayer is not underground.

A lot of metal is, but definitely not Slayer.

And Grammys are stupid.
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Huh, and where was Slayer before the grammy? underground? no.

- quadruple "ughhh... Slayer"
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Im so happy that we finaly have won a grammy (slayer won a grammy)

I like how slayer doesn't even care as much as you do about the grammy. they've been nominated for years and jeff and tom have both said in interviews that they dont give a **** if they win

EDIT...im gonna go ahead and join the "ughh...slayer " group
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i love slayer but the grammy doesnt matter...at all. there is a metal awards catagory, and morso, slayer has won previously.
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Ugh slayer

...Zombies! thirsting for Slayer...slayer-brains!

Aren't the Grammies the award that no one likes?

Butler guy: Here's your wine *waits for tip*
Homer: oh, uh here, take this *hands him grammy he just won*
Bulter guy: Oh WOW!..aw, it's a Grammy...
This means nothing, the people who voted to give them the Grammy probably have no clue what the **** they're talking about and voted for the name that sounded most familiar.
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