I created this song awhile ago, but never really got around to seeing what my fellow UG'ers thought. The song is in my MP3 section in my profile, titled Tu Sangre Es Sabrosa.

I was going for sort of an exotic vibe with it, I guess. My dad said it sounded like Vanilla Ice.

I think it turned out alright though, with the exception of some time shifting issues with overdubs in Audacity, especially on the last lead. I did all of this with the Digitech GNX4 as well, in case anyone is wondering how I recorded it all.

Thanks in advance!
Turned out pretty good man!
Liked the overall sound a lot, and your playing was cool!
The exotic vibe made it interesting as well!
i didnt really notice any of the time shifting issues either...

got songs on my pro
Top lel.
Vanilla Ice was not the vibe I got, haha. I absolutely loved the first forty seconds. Im not sure if you would consider this, but if you kept the lead out and did some variation with the wah, and some melody, it could have been a song I'd hear in a club. While the lead and tone is not my flavor, I appreciate your imagination. Hope you keep up the stuff, sounds like you know already what you want to fix in your post.

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There's a 95% chance what was written above here was very stupid
nice beat to start off with. solid riff. i was kind of surprised when the distorted solo came in. you've got good chops, but i would maybe have prefered a cleaner, jazzier solo. you're definitely right about it having an exotic vibe though.

would appreciate crit for mine:
I like this. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a very rocking use of Audacity's "Wah" tool. The biggest criticism I have is that there is a lot of clipping in the mix. I think that can just be fixed by turning everything down. You definitely established a vibe though. Nice job.

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Quote by JvL

Something Arabian through it... and bit Satch-influenced...
Wish I could play like this!

Great job!!!

also nicely worked with the stereo and stuff!

Only... the end could be less ... abrupt

Crit mine please... although it's nowhere near yours!

...Never listened to Satch in my life lol but I appreciate all the comments guys. Thanks a lot!

About the ending though, I tried to make it dramatic and heavy hitting, but I'm not so good at achieving my artistic dreams sometimes.
nice song man! yes as a club song the guitars dont really fit, but who cares about club songs!?
that was really well done, good job using audacity to your advantage.
guitar wise, i hear one or two notes that while they werent out of tune, just did not really fit with your exotic vibe.
your soloing technique was pretty good, but what really stood out was the dynamics. it really hit hard in a lot of places. kudos.

C4C either of these please
my newer one of riffs

you will probably like this one better, same sort of exotic solo over electronic sound.
Good song. I like it. There were some odd note choices in there that seemed unpredictable. I'm not sure if thats all good or bad. It's a little of both to me, I guess. It kept me listening all the way through and left me smiling, so I suppose it works.

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not soo much vanilla ice, i see where he was coming from though lol. this has a cool vibe to it, i felt as though it felt generic at some points. some of the chords didnt seem to fit too well (some of the major chords), but other than it was pretty cool. seemed a bit short, and maybe some of the licks werent played as clean as they could have been. maybe try and expand it more with a more devloped melody or something? :-D

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Very good, i found the start a bit annoying but thats probably just me, the guitar work is brilliant, very Santana like, maybe turn the backing down during the first guitar part?

My song is on me page

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