Which one is the best?
i have some pedals but have to invest in one of these, because most songs i play have a clean chorus/flanger then into a overdriven bit without any chorus/flanger and i cant turn the other pedal off quickly enough, plus im in a covers bands to so one of these could be useful
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I imagine the newer Boss GT ones would be better than the GT3. I think they're up to about GT10 now but the last one I played was the GT8. It's got some very good sounds on it and it's easy to use. If you're on a tighter budget, try a zoom G1 (or one of the others from that line that I've not tried). The effects are excellent quality, much more natural sounding than boss imo, but the modelling isn't great. But i definately suggest trying one out to see what you think of it.
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EDIT: More specific info - if you're thinking about spending around $300 for a multi-FX pedal, you can pick one of these up on Ebay for about the same price...IMO, its worth every single penny.
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