so im trying to buy a new half stack guitar amp....i was gonna get a line 6 because i want to have a lot of effects and not be stuck with one tone but i found that if you turn one up too loud the sound just gets grainy because they're mainly a recording/modeling amp.....

so i was wondering if buying a Randall cabinet and a Line 6 amp head would work if i put them both together....or at least sound good......

if this isnt possible can someone at least recommend some good amps? i play in a hardcore/experimental/metal band and use an epiphone explorer as my main guitar...
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dont get a line 6 half stack, or the head, or the cab, if you want get the Spider Valve 2x12, or some other tube combo and a boss gt-10(when it comes out) or the gt-8
dude you want a tube amp, end of story.....i personally would go for a combo, used marshall or used peavey 5150 unless you got money for new (in that case peavey 6505)........i had a half stack and got rid of it cause it was completely unneccessary and moving it was a BITCH!!