58 Explorer

93 Jackson Dinky Professional Reverse
98 Jackson Kelly KE3

Peavey Bandit 112
Custom 2x10 cab w/Bugeras
strat! or epiphone
PRS Custom 24
Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute
85' MIJ Strat
97' Snakepit Les Paul
LP Traditional 1960 Zebra
MIJ Tele
MIA Strat

Silver Jubilee 2525
Peavey Ultra 112
Jet City JCA50H
66' Bassman
Pink Paisley Princeton RV
74' Vibro Champ
if it just has to be those get an epi dont waste ur $ on a squier but if not get an ibanez...they pwn u...n ur face...
Quote by aig91
"It doesn't get much beter than that! Ok, maybe a free ibanez guitar and marshall half-stack in perfect condition would be better, but free pancakes comes right behind that"

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"My tone should be like me........FAT! "
alright, I meant to put more in here...

I play punk/hardcore
blink 182 or Sum 41 mixed with A Skylit Drive or Greeley Estates

Also, no offense, I'm not into Ibanez guitars...
They're great and all, just not me.
you know?
I like to stick with Epiphone and maybe get into Fender/Squire

also, I already own an Epiphone SG and an Epiphone Dot (non studio)
I think the '58 explorer would be a good choice


The epiphone limited edition Les Paul with FR.... that's the one I want....
I think If you're looking for the raw, dirty, chunky sound you should stick with Epiphone, but if you're looking for something different, go with a Fender or Squier.
Personally, I don't like the sound of Fender's and Squier's.... but it's all up to you...