I've got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a vintage celestion 30 speaker in it. I play with a fender telecaster, yet somehow there seems to be little I can do to prevent a very bass-heavy tone from coming out of the amp.

I've turned up the tone all the way on my guitar (which is naturally a bright guitar anyway, since it's a tele) and turned down the volume control knob on my guitar to avoid the pickups pushing themselves too hard. I've cranked up the treble and down with the mids and bass on the amp, and obviously turned all drive off. I know it's not the guitar since I've played it on another amp.

HELP! (might it have something to do with the tubes?)
too bassy?!?! this is what u shud do...trebble 10 mid 3 bass 10...n turn on the distortion...
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too bassy?!?! this is what u shud do...trebble 10 mid 3 bass 10...n turn on the distortion...

thanks for reading what I said there, dumb*ss. I did that already
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eq pedal?

this could do the trick i guess, but i'd just prefer to have it natural i guess. i read somewhere that hot rod deluxe's tend to be a bit muddy at lower volume levels (which is basically what i'm experiencing) and that this can be solved with a fairly easy 'brightness mod'. However, f*ck modding my amp. I'm not good enough with electronics/soldering to even attempt that stuff
maybe someone you know is?
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EQ pedal will probably help, but the HRD is naturally punchy and bassy (are these real words?) It's really more of a blues amp, and most of the blues players I know like that. If the EQ doesn't work you may need a more modern-sounding amp (I like the HRD.)