Between a ibanez artcore or emg 89 and 81 for my squier trans fat.
i will also be buying a new amp
**** squier get an ibanez
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The squier is suprisingly good for a squier i mean it plays better than my mates gibson (he bought a real cheap one.)

i find that impossible to believe.

how is a 300 (at most) squier suppose to beat a 800 (at least) Gibson?

go with the ibanez. youll regret the squire.
He got the guitar for £500 in the end its one of them weird black sg's with the fake looking headstock.
He also dosnt know how to set it up where as i know how to do my squier.
well, if youre getting an artcore, its semi-hallow so it will look weird playing metal.

Its mostly used for Jazz, Blues and clean stuff but im sure it could pull off some hard, distortion stuff.

It would just look silly.
Im more for the tone than anything else i mean it would be maiden type disortion at most im not a gain *****.
i would just get a strat or tele then.

if you play blues/clean stuff with a bit of distortion every now and then, a fender would be the way to go.
i have an artcore. it does
blues, jazz, rock amazingly
and SOME hard rock fairly well

but it'll beat the squire in anything trust me.
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I dont really want to go for a strat or telly though, although i have liked all the ones i have played im was going for the artcore becuase it was light so it will be easy to carry around.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 handles high distortion surprisingly well due to its ceramic pickups. I distort the hell out of mine with no uncontrollable feedback.