hey, i plugged in my guitar today and straight away there was a really loud buzzing noise, like the noise you get when you have the amp connected to the cable but not to the guitar. i think there might be a busted connection in my guitar's jack plug thingy, but i don't really know. does anyone have any images of what it should like? i'll be able to get a photo sometime tomorrow if it's needed, but basically there's one wire connecting my guitar to it's jack plug. i think i heard somewhere along the line there's meant to be two?
if you have a strat, take off the jack plate thing and then there should be an angled petal piece and just push that in a little.

it might fix it.
sounds like cheap electricity. have you changed your supplier?
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les paul mate :/

and no, i haven't changed the supplier of my electricity. my setup all works with my telecaster.
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dont know what to tell you then. ive dont own a les paul so i havent had the oppoirtunity to take one appart.

dont know what to tell ya.
all my equipment's fine, it all works with the telecaster. just not the les paul.
I'm getting the same problem with my Telecaster actually and I think it might be something to do with the wiring but I really don't have much of a clue. My Ibanez works fine but the tele isn't having any of it. I'm contemplating taking it to someone who can make it all better. Any ideas if it's a tricky one to fix or if I could do it myself?
hey, i've figured the problem out.

on the jack input socket on my guitar, the earth wire had come out and so there was only the live wire connected, all you have to do is open it up, find out which wire is live and which is earth (there are guides online) and make sure they're both soldered into the right place. should sort it :]